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For children and adolescents

The court has decided that instead of telling your story in court, you will tell your story in the Children's House.

You will be invited to the Children's House. Your counsellor will be there to meet you and will be with you throughout the hearing, before and after the hearing. She will try to answer all your questions, show you around the premises and help you to feel good.

An expert will be waiting for you in the hearing room. You will talk to her about the topic you have come to the Children's House to discuss. The experts who need to hear this conversation will be listening to the hearing on the other side of the house – in a separate room. You will not be meeting with them.

After the hearing is over, your counsellor will be with you again. The counsellor will offer to help you and you will be able to make an appointment for counselling at the Children's House.

If the court orders that you be examined by a female doctor, she will come to the Children's Home and do the examination.


Who can help you: