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For parents and carers

The Children's House is a public institution that offers child-friendly treatment in pre-trial and criminal proceedings. This means that instead of going to court, the child can now be invited to a hearing at the Children's House. The child will be welcomed at the Children's House by a counsellor who will support him or her before and after the hearing.

The child will then be interviewed in a dedicated room. It will be conducted by a suitably trained expert. The judge conducting the proceedings and the other participants in the proceedings (the prosecutor, the suspect or accused, the defence lawyer, the child's legal representative, the child's attorney, an employee of the social work centre, the child's counsellor, and other persons whose presence will be authorised by the court for the purpose of carrying out the institution's activities) will be present in a separate room to observe the hearing. The child will not see or meet these persons. During the hearing, an expert will be in the room with the child to conduct the hearing. The child will also be able to choose a person he or she trusts to be with him or her in the hearing room. The hearing will be video- and audio-recorded and the recording will be used as evidence in court.

After the hearing, the child's counsellor will be with him/her again. The child's counsellor will offer him/her help and you can also arrange for further psychosocial counselling at the Children's House.


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