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The target group of the project is abused children and the main objective of the project is to ensure child-friendly justice, in accordance with international legislation and EU, Council of Europe and UN guidelines, and to improve inter-institutional cooperation in the procedures for dealing with abused children, in accordance with the Barnahus (Children's House) model.

Specific objectives of the project:
  • to establish a location or premises for the comprehensive treatment of children, in line with the Barnahus model, and to ensure effective inter-institutional cooperation and services for the professional treatment of child victims of crime;
  • to establish a network of trained experts and multidisciplinary teams;
  • to establish cooperation and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience in the treatment of child victims and witnesses of crime;
  • to improve access to assistance for child victims of crime;
  • to raise awareness among professionals, institutions and the general public of the problem of dealing with abused children.
The main objectives of the project:
  • to ensure a child-friendly justice system, in line with European guidelines;
  • to contribute to the faster integrated treatment of children and avoid the secondary victimisation of children;
  • to contribute to good governance and better inter-institutional cooperation in the processes and procedures for dealing with child victims of crime;
  • to contribute to respect for and implementation of international conventions and directives on children's rights and the fight against child sexual abuse.